Announcing the Release of PolyMathLite - a NEW PolyMath Software app for Android Phones, Tablets and Computers

Polymath Software is pleased to announce a new Android app called PolyMathLite. The authors of the PolyMathLite Android App will use this website to provide information and resources to potential users and to active users of this software.

This new app will allow users to easily solve a wide variety of numerical mathematical problems with very efficient numerical analysis algorithms. This enables the efficient solution of very elementary to very challenging problems with efficient and accurate algorithms that have been developed since our first commercialization of PolyMath for the PC in 1984. All capabilities of PolyMathLite are available within the Android device as no internet connection is required for running the app.

Both free and purchased versions are available from Google Play and other Google stores. PolyMathLite – free allows the user to solve a number of small Sample Problems using all the options of the app. A limited number of Sample Problems is available on both versions. The basic problem solutions are provided from this website so that the solutions are all available for examination. Note that the free version will be able to solve only the smaller sample problems, but the purchased version will solve all the sample problems. The menu of this website accesses all the Sample Problem Solutions that are organized by problem types:

1. Systems of Linear Equations
2. Systems of Nonlinear Equations
3. Systems of Differential Equations
4. Regressions including Linear, Multiple Linear, Polynomial and Nonlinear

This website menu list also contains the complete program HELP that serves as the User’s Guide and contains additional examples.

For larger tablets and computers, this site menu appears as follows:

For phones and small tablets, this menu is available by pressing the site menu button

in the upper left of the display that  provides a list of menu buttons.

Alternately you can select the site menu item from the list below:

Linear Equations

Nonlinear Equations

Differential Equations


Help (User's Manual)

PolyMathLite Introductory Video

Polymath Software
has prepared a narrated video that demonstrates the capabilities of PolyMathLite using some of the simpler Sample Problems that come with the software. The link to this YouTube video is: