Sample Problem Solutions - Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations (DEQs)

The following list provides the PolyMath Reports that give the solutions to all the Sample Problems that are solved as DEQs. The PolyMath Report can be generated during the problem solution. This list is in approximate order of increasing problem difficulty. The starred entries can only be solved by the Paid version of PolyMathLite.

S. 10  - ODE System  Simple Set of Consecutive Reactions

S. 11  - ODE System  Heat Exchange

S. 22  - ODE System  Reversible Reaction in a Packed Bed Reactor

S. 23(a)* - ODE System  Dynamics of Heated Tank-Open Loop

S. 23(b)* - ODE System  Dynamics of Heated Tank-Closed Loop

S. 23(c)* - ODE System  Dynamics of Heated Tank-limits on Energy Input

S. 24* - Stiff ODE System  Biological Reactors (Requires Stiff Solution Algorithm in Settings for Solution)

S. 25* - Boundary Value ODE System  Diffusion with Reaction

S. 26(b)  - Differential Algebraic Equation System  Binary Batch Distillation

S. 27* - Single Partial Differential Equation  Unsteady State Heat Conduction