Sample Problem Solutions - Systems of Nonlinear Equations (NLEs)

The following list provides the PolyMath Reports that give the solutions to all the Sample Problems that are solved as NLEs. The PolyMath Report can be generated during the problem solution. This list is in approximate order of increasing problem difficulty. The starred entries can only be solved by the Paid version of PolyMathLite.

S. 4   - Explicit NLEs  Explicit System of Nonlinear Equations

S. 5   - Explicit NLEs  Future Value and Constant Annual Repayment

S. 6   - Single NLE   Solve the Nonlinear Equation

S. 7   - Single NLEs  Molar Volume and Compress... Van Der Waals

S. 8   - NLE System  Solve a system of 2 Nonlinear Equations

S. 9   - NLE System  Simultaneous linear and nonlinear equations

S. 15* - Complex Consecutive Calculations  Gas Pressure from SRK equation of state

S. 16   - Complex Consecutive Calculations  Physical property calculator for liquid CO2

S. 17   - Single NLE with 'if' Condition  Terminal Velocity

S. 18* - NLE System  Three Phase Equilibrium

S. 19   - NLE System  Reaction Equilibrium

S. 20* - NLE System  Combustion of Propane

S. 21* - NLE System  Complex Chemical Equilibrium

S. 26(a) - Solution of DAE system  Initial Bubble Point